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Green Ubblove Steel Tongue Drum - 11 Notes, 6 Inch with Mallets and Bag

Experience Serenity with Ubblove's 11-Note Steel Tongue Drum - Perfect for Meditation, Musical Education & Concerts - Includes Mallets and Bag - Get Yours in Green Today!

- Portable: The Steel Tongue Drum is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and play anywhere. It also comes with a carrying bag for added convenience.
- Durable: Made from high-quality steel, the Ubblove Handpan Drum is durable and built to last. It can withstand frequent use and is resistant to damage from impacts and scratches.

The Steel Tongue Drum by Ubblove is a beautiful and versatile percussion instrument that can be used for meditation, musical education, concerts, parties, and even as a gift. With 11 notes and a 6-inch diameter, this handpan drum produces a rich and soothing sound that can help you relax and unwind. The drum comes with two mallets and a bag for easy storage and transportation. The green color of the drum adds a touch of elegance to its already impressive design. Whether you are a professional musician or a beginner, the Steel Tongue Drum by Ubblove is a great investment that will provide you with hours of musical enjoyment.